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Farooq Soomar Khowaja, Pakistan

Very Interesting Journey and it really didn’t got me bored to change the slide…
Amazing Work Done

Jharna Danish, Originally Pakistan, Currently Canada

I absolutely loved the journey. It is informative and eye catching. We learned about the silk road in primary school but this journey takes it to the next step because of all the images and videos.

Julie Parham, South Carolina USA

Thank you for the beautiful history outlined in the presentation.

Aijaz, Kashmir, India

What a great initiative,kudos to the AKDN team. From Italy to China traversing diverse terrains, climatic conditions, cultures, languages that too without motorised means of transport would have been a mind bogling world.
Just wonder why we missed Jammu and Kashmir state of India in this journey, believe Kashmir was an important milestone in this route.

Sarah van Riemsdijk, USA/London

I saw the exhibit outdoors in London during a brief visit from the US in 2021, but sadly it was in a frigid wind, so this online exhibition is absolutely marvelous, and it allows those who couldn’t see it in London or Toronto to view these magnificent photographs. I do hope there will be a book published, so we can peruse all this wonder at leisure!

Ismail Pirani, Canada

Absolutely fantastic!

Mahomed Rafique Cajee, South Africa

Interesting insight to a wonderful world of Culture and civilisation.

Jaya Raj, Canada

Absolutely amazing!! I learnt a lot from it!!

Henry Galka, Toronto, Canada

Lucky to have this exhibit a short walk from my home. I was able to travel the incredible 40,000 km of the Silk Road in 40 minutes.

Alison, Birmingham

Fabulous images and I learnt a lot about the countries and the Silk Road. What a shame that only half of the images can be viewed in their current location! Very frustrating

Michael Borowitz, London

Excellent exhibit. Especially starting from Beijing
Some odd choices.


Vlad Levitsky, England

Lovely photos and an informative tour of the route. Makes me want to travel to most of these places.

Tara & Sai, London

Loved it! Have visited a few places and great to be reminded of them, whilst we’re stuck on this island! Beautiful photos!

andrea dahlberg, Kings Cross

Outstanding exhibition. Amazing photography and the additional information available from my phone really added another dimension.

Mark Warrick, Stamford, Lincs, UK

Very inspiring and interesting exhibition, thanks. It was hard to tear ourselves away when the time came to catch our train – I have enthused about it on my travel blog at and hope others will go and take a look. I had no idea the Aga Khan Foundation did quite as much for the world.