Rowan, London

Loved the photos really enjoyed the focus on such a fascinating part of history

Hamzah, Slough

Absolutely wonderful work from Christopher! Went out of my way to see this and was not disappointed! It encapsulated the Eurasian mix and culture truly bringing and immersing me into the journey and history of the silk road.

Selma, UK

Beautiful photographs, interesting and informative captions. Really fascinating! Especially photo of the Mostar Bridge was very special for me but the text accompanying the photo is very disappointing.
In the text it says “The bridge stood for 427 years until it was destroyed in 1993 during the Bosnian War.” Destroyed by whom? Answer to this question is not a detail, it is a very important and relevant historical fact. It was destroyed by fascist Croatian troops (Ustaše).

Harry Cowling, London

Great pictures. Really left you wanting to see and learn more about the countries and the Silk Road.

Tamsin Wilson, LONDON

What a striking, interesting and beautiful exhibit. Christopher is such a talent and I enjoyed walking through this and experiencing this incredible journey, in the open air. I found the exhibit and the viewing of it outside to be so liberating. A treat to see today. Well done Christopher. Very impressed.

Sue Byrne, London

My second report. Came on a sunny Saturday and most display stands full of kids and parents enjoying the fountains so not easy to see the images. And very noisy! Can’t be helped.

Sue Byrne, London

Wonderful images and so evocative.

Zae, Slough, England

Loved the exhibition. It’s so pretty and contains some interesting info. Looking forward to seeing more of Aga Khan’s work.

Hanif Ladhani, London

Very interesting and a great way to learn about the work of AKDN - fantastic way to create awareness of the wonderful work of the AKDN

Giorgia Franchi

Beautiful photographs and informative captions. Also great use of public space.

Simon Brown, Chester, UK

Really enjoyed this... Obviously a personal experience, but fabulous pictures that gave a real insight to the random experiences one had when travelling on a long distance route by surface transport.

I especially liked the border crossings marked out on the route...and that one could 'travel' the silk road in either direction - from China like we did, following the original inspiration from China or from London where we are now.

We came down by train especially to see this, and coincided it with the street bazaar which we have yet to visit...

Thank you for this well thought out and fascinating free ( and accessible) exhibition.

Alex, London

Thank you for a wonderful meander along the Silk Road. I especially enjoyed the way it revealed links between the cultures along the route, bringing together East and West. Fascinating and heartening.

Sherry, London

Absolutely fabulous- loved it. And learned a lot. It was just like going on holiday 😁

Hasan Moman, London

Why did you put seating by the pics? It caused people to block the images and accompanying text.


Neil Catteau, UK

Fantastic photos and text.

One of the best things I have ever seen.

I have a question - Would you be able to put the contents of the exhibition (in its entirety) on your website or as a PDF ?