Cha, London

Fantastic exhibition. More of it please!

H N Ghiya, Jaipur, India

Though it is wonderful event.

Why the Jammu and Kashmir alongwith Ladakh is not shown as part of China not India ?

Salman, London

This was a lovely exhibition, I read through it over the space of two days and greatly enjoyed my time doing so. I’ve learnt a lot about the work the Aga Khan foundation do across the globe, and also about the Silk Road and its historical importance.

helen FREELAND, Surrey

As we dont live in London, we are very keen to combine our visit to the exhibition with a visit to the Silk Road Bazaar in King’s Cross. For planning purposes, do you have any idea when this bazaar will take place?

Aneta Anna, London, UK

What an inspiring journey beautifully captured on every photo!
The Silk Road exhibition is a mesmerising piece of work that takes everyone on a journey through majestic landscapes and their precious communities.
Great work by the Aga Khan foundation! Forever grateful for people who do make a difference in this world!
Cannot wait for the printed book with these incredible photos and stories!

Philip, London via Sydney

Brilliant little visual guide along the Silk Road. It’s made me appreciate the cross cultural links and heritage. Wonderful work!

Jameel Lalani

Fabulous exhibition, thoroughly enjoyed.

Katrina, Kazakhstan

Very disappointed to not find Kazakhstan on the Silk Road map. What about town of Turkestan?

Judy Miller, UK

Loved the exhibition. Hadn't realised it was on so what a wonderful visit to come across it on my first London trip since lockdown ended. I have been rcommending it to my friends.
Please produce a book of the photos.

Lahcen oummad, Morocco

I enjoyed the exhibition so much that I was emotional at some point, I’m really amazed about the pictures taken and people on them, and the Aga Khan work in those places is incredibly touching and give hope and faith in humanity.
Thank you so much for this unique journey you took us through.
One love ❤️

alexandra santos, Portugal

I loved the photographs, history and information about the incredible remote places.

Naushad Hussein, Canada

This is a unique - ‘one of a kind’ project - keep up the ‘good’ work !
You have - connected & informed, peoples & cultures, across shifting time & spaces
- a great ‘work in progress’ !!
- congratulations & a big thank you !!!

Elizabeth, LONDON


Zoe Mayhew, New Zealand

Amazing exhibition and so lovely to be able to get out and see the incredible photographs and learn so much about such an incredible part of history. Loved it! Not an overload of information either, just enough.

Lizzy Hones, London

I really enjoyed the beautiful photography of people and places. I have been to many of the places in the past. It is a shame that many of these places are less accesdible. Great work by the Aga Khan Foundation et al